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Moose bull with large antlers (horns) in field


The moose is the largest and the probably the most mythical wild animal of the Nordic forests.

A moose bull can reach a height of over 2 meters and weigh almost 1,000 kg. It can live as long as 25 years. A grown moose eats up to 50kg of plants per day.

Despite its size, the moose is remarkably agile and can move quickly and cover large distances if it senses danger. Seeing a full grown moose almost float through a foggy field an early summer morning is a majestic sight.

Moose has been hunted in the Nordics since the first humans arrived 14,000 years ago. Today, the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway and Finland keep a very healthy and stable moose population by highly regulated hunting and long-term forest management.

In Sweden, a bit less that 100,000 moose are brought down every year. Despite this, Sweden's moose population remains stable at around 350,000 animals - the most dense moose population in the world. 

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