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Delivery times at Swedish Wild

Our packages are delivered with courier Tuesday to Friday, between 10am and 10pm anywhere within the European Union.

We exclusively ship with next-day prioritised courier service, which means that the package should be at your home within 24 hours, and at the very latest within 48 hours, after we have delivered your package to the courier. Your package will in other words never travel for more than 48 hours.

The effective delivery time from when you completed your order to the arrival of your package may vary between one and seven days depending on where you live as well as on which weekday you ordered your meat. We don't send any packages out on Thursdays or Fridays as we don't want to risk a package being stored with the courier over the weekend.

We may therefore not deliver your package to the courier until a few days after you completed your order to make sure that your meat stays chilled for as long as possible.

After you have completed your order, and we have registered your package with the courier, you will receive an e-mail from them with delivery time and your track and trace number. With that, you can easily track your package online. 

In the unlikely event that you are not at home when the package arrives, we recommend that you as soon as possible contact the courier to see if they can deliver the package later the same day or to set up a delivery as early as possible the next day. We guarantee that the meat will stay in excellent condition for at least 48 hours during transport and it is crucial that the package won't be stored at the courier for too long.

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