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Swedish Wild's game meat come exclusively from Sweden


All Swedish Wild's meat come from wild, free-roaming animals from Swedish forests.

The animals are brought down during hunting season by local hunters and they are then immediately taken to a certified local game butcher where they are first hung for 4-7 days to improve the tenderness and to further improve the taste of the meat.

The meat is then cut, vacuum packed and placed into the shipping package at the same butcher for direct transport to you. Alternatively, the meat is frozen and stored at our butcher's facilities to be sold outside of hunting season.

Again, all meat we sell has its origin in Sweden and stays there until it is packed and shipped to your home. Sweden has very high hunting and game meat handling regulation standards, which helps us to ensure that the game meat we send to you will be of the finest quality.

One example of these high standards is the requirement that each certified game meat butcher in Sweden has to have a veterinarian on its payroll to inspect the meat. This ensures that all meat is inspected and thereby guaranteed free from disease and parasites. 

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