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Game meat is very healthy and highly sustainable

Venison in pan

No meat is healthier than wild game. The wild game meat we sell all come from animals that have roamed free in the Swedish forests. There they feed exclusively on fresh plants in exactly the same way as they have done for thousands of years. This makes the meat very high in nutrients and, obviously, it's completely free from any traces of antibiotics and growth hormones. 

The animals are also active in their natural habitat, which ensures that their muscles are constantly in top condition. This makes the meat very lean, usually with less than 2% fat. Thanks to the high intake of fresh plants, the fat that does exist is mostly non-saturated and is thus very low in cholesterol.

Game meat is also very sustainable, both from an animal welfare and an environmental perspective. 

Unlike meat from domestic cattle, game meat does not create any water waste, is carbon neutral, and no forests need to be cleared to make way for grazing. No animal transports or animal slaughter houses are ever used.

Hunting in Sweden is highly regulated and eating game actually helps the environment by ensuring that the number of grazing animals are kept at a stable and sustainable level.

In today's forests, where large predators are scarce (even in Sweden), populations of large plant feeding animals, such as moose, deer and wild boar have to be kept at a sustainable level. If this does not happen, and they multiply uncontrollably, the animals will graze away at the vegetation and thereby destroying their own habitat causing starvation and forest destruction. We can highly recommend this video showing how Yellowstone National Park flourished when wolves were re-introduced in 1995 and thereby controlled the number and behaviour of grazing animals.

In the absence of wolves and bears, hunters now fill the role of controlling the number of grazing animals in Sweden. And the meat these animals produce is a fantastic and fully sustainable natural resource we should all enjoy. 

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