About us

The founders of Swedish Wild Patrik and Johan

The idea for Swedish Wild was born when I was with my family on a reindeer safari in Ivalo in northern Finland. After the customary trip in reindeer sled with wife and children, the reindeer herder who organized the trip invited us to coffee around the campfire and we sat there and talked about life in the very north. I've always loved wild game meat and always wondered why it's so hard to get hold of. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of moose and reindeer in Sweden, and a certain number of them are harvested every year. All this meat has to go somewhere.

I brought this up with the reindeer herder and asked how the game meat market worked and how it was that what I considered to be the best meat in the world would be so very hard to come by. For example, who did he sell his reindeer to? Where does the meat then go? Why couldn't I buy reindeer at a regular local grocery store or, better yet, online and have it delivered to my door?

The reindeer herder then told us that it was actually very difficult for him to make a profit in his business. In addition, there were too many middlemen who would all have their share of the pie before it finally reached the end consumer. The market was too much controlled by a few strong buyers who set prices and who got to buy it.

To me this seemed almost absurd and actually quite sad. We have a reindeer herder who "produces" what I considered to be the best meat in the world, but who could barely make a living from his business. At the same time, you had a consumer like me, who loved this meat and was willing to pay well for it, but couldn't get it. Game meat that is tasty, healthy and climate-smart. Simply the meat of the future.

It was obvious to me that this industry was ready for disruption.

Six months later, I sold my digital marketing company and decided to start a new business that made game meat accessible to everyone. The idea was to cut unnecessary middlemen and buy from hunters and reindeer herders and then sell to the end consumer via the internet. And not just to consumers in Sweden, but to the whole of Europe.

The idea for Swedish Wild was born.

Shortly afterwards I met Patrik through a mutual acquaintance. He shared my passion for Swedish game meat and the desire to make this meat of the future easily accessible to everyone. Patrik has also been a dedicated hunter since childhood and is passionate about Swedish nature and game conservation. We decided to do this together and I couldn't have found a better co-founder.

Now we are moving forward with our "mission" to make Swedish game meat easily accessible to everyone. We cut out as many middlemen as we can and send the meat directly to your home as a customer. In addition, we do our best to provide tips and recipes on how to best cook wild game meat.

Feel free to contact us. We are only at the beginning of our journey and we are always open to feedback on how we can make this even better.

Well met!

Johan Löfström
Co-founder of Swedish Wild


Company information

Svenska Viltprodukter AB
Organization number: 559263-7283
VAT number: SE559263728301
Address: Vallentunavägen 411, 194 92 Upplands Väsby, Sweden
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