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Do you have a hard time choosing which wild game meat would suit you? No worries, many of our amazing customers have asked us the same question. That is why we have created a Guide to game meat. There we give advice and tips.

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The world's easiest game meat recipes

Do you need help cooking wild game meat? We are happy to help you with recipes and advice. Try, for example, a simple, quick and fantastically good recipe for fried reindeer fillet with game meat sauce or perhaps a moose entrecote on the grill.

To game meat recipes
Svenskt viltkött uppskivat på träbord

Swedish wild game meat - the world's most climate-friendly meat

We would like to claim that there is no meat in the world that is so gentle to the animals, requires so little of the earth's resources to produce and has such a low CO2 footprint as Swedish wild game meat.

Buy venison online

At Swedish Wild you can buy Swedish game meat online. We like to mention that we have Sweden's best range of Swedish game meat that can be bought online. Among our assortment, you will find the finest details such as reindeer fillet and reindeer tenderloin , as well as specialties such as genuine Suova smoked reindeer meat, dried reindeer meat , reindeer sausage and moose meat. We are also one of the few online stores where you can buy bear meat online all year round. We offer frozen venison all year round. In addition to moose meat, reindeer meat and bear meat, you can also buy wild boar meat and venison from fallow deer. All our venison comes from completely wild animals from the Swedish wilderness. We do not sell meat from fenced animals or from animals that lived outside of Sweden. We are also very proud to say that you as a customer can also buy genuine Kalix Löjrum and sustainably grown Swedish sturgeon rum from us.

We deliver your venison quickly and safely to your home all over Sweden. All our game meat is vacuum packed and comes only from certified Swedish game handling facilities. We send the venison in specially designed, well-insulated and well-refrigerated boxes that guarantee that your venison is always delivered chilled to your home.

We attach great importance to offering the best venison you can find and are happy to give you tips and advice on what to choose and how to prepare the venison. Please visit our page Guide to venison where we give examples of which venison you can choose to make it as easy as possible to prepare wonderful venison dinners.

Almost all of our moose meat comes, for example, from Norrland, where the moose meat is on average 20% heavier than in southern Sweden. This is because the moose in the north have access to more and healthier food in the wild. We do our best for you as a customer to be able to buy dried reindeer meat in the Sami way and also to be able to buy souvas smoked reindeer meat, smoked entirely according to the Sami tradition. We also work close to many Sami villages to partly secure the best reindeer meat for our customers, but also to support reindeer herding, one of the oldest and most traditional industries in Sweden. All bear meat we sell comes from carefully regulated and limited Swedish protective hunting. Protective hunting is permitted on a very limited scale, primarily to protect domestic livestock and reindeer. All bear meat and wild boar meat from Swedish Wild is, of course, trikintestat.

At Swedish Wild, you can also learn how to best cook venison. Feel free to visit our section with recipes for venison or buy one of our affordable cookbooks for venison. We have selected the best game recipe books we could find. Right now, for example, you can buy Cook and the Hunter by head chef Mikael Einarsson and professional hunter Hubbe Lemon. You can also buy Smak på Sapmi , which is Sweden's best collection of traditional Sami recipes. As far as cleaning recipes go, that book is unbeatable.
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