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Swedish Wild Reindeer Renskav - Gourmet - Souvas

Smoked Reindeer Chafing (Renskav) - Suovas

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Reindeer Chafing, or "Renskav" as it's called in Swedish, is a real classic from the Wild North. Just as our regular gourmet skav, this suovas version has extra large and thin pieces and what makes it extra special is the way it is smoked. The traditional Sami way to smoke the meat creates a fantastic and unique taste.

Suovas is the Sami word for "smoked". Our suovas is prepared in an ancient and local way where the meat is first salted and then cold smoked outdoors in a traditional "kåta", which is a Sami tent made from reindeer hides. Birch wood with the bark removed is used for the smoking. The bark is removed to prevent sot to touch the meat. The smoking usually takes a long time, often one to two days.

    Tender meat with a delicate wild flavour

    • All our meat is hung for 4-7 days to add extra tenderness and taste
    • Wild game meat has a distinct wild taste that comes from a natural life in the animal's natural habitat
    • Out of wild game meat, reindeer is often considered "the finest of them all" thanks to it's tremendous tenderness and delicate taste

    Healthy meat

    • Reindeer feed exclusively on fresh plants and are thus very rich in nutrients
    • Obviously no preservatives, antibiotics or preservatives have EVER been near this meat
    • Reindeer is very lean and low in cholesterol

    Sustainable meat

    • Unlike domesticated cattle, there is no water waste when "producing" wild game meat. There are also no unnatural emissions of methane gas affecting global warming that you would get from e.g. cows 
    • No farm land was needed to produce food for the animals. All animals have roamed free in the wilderness and grazed on what they themselves chose in their natural habitat
    • There are around 260,000 reindeer roaming the North of Sweden. This number is kept stable by traditional reindeer herding by the Sami people in a similar fashion as they have done for hundreds of years
    • Traditional reindeer herding is often an important source of income for the local Sami communities and an equally important part of preserving their heritage and way of life

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        Your meat will be neatly packed in a biodegradable bag together with cooling blocks. These frozen cooling blocks ensure that your products stay at the right temperature. The cooling blocks are filled with salt water. You can cut the blocks open after use and dispose of the water through the sink and recycle the package. You can of course also reuse the cooling blocks at home.

        We use sheep wool to insulate our packages and ensure that your meat stays at the right temperature during transportation. Sheep wool is 100% compostable and can be reused for many different purposes. The packaging paper and boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and can be recycled with paper/cardboard.

          Meat durability

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          The shelf life of our products is generally based on the specified best before date ("Bäst före" in Swedish). As with all foodstuffs, the best before date is to be understood as meaning that we guarantee the perfect condition of the goods up to this date if stored appropriately. It does not state that the goods are automatically spoiled after this date.

          In principle, the shelf life of meat depends on the temperatures and fluctuations in temperature the meat is exposed to. The higher the storage temperature and the more temperature fluctuations, the shorter the meat will stay in perfect condition. Frozen meat may have a best before date of up to a year printed on the packaging. That date assumes that the meat is kept at -18° C during that whole time. This is of course impossible for us to guarantee when we ship the meat over longer distances using a courier. The meat will most likely arrive to your home at a temperature a few degrees below freezing.

          Therefore, after you received your meat, we recommend that you store it in a fridge at maximum 4° C and consume it within five days unless you choose to refreeze it. 

          In general, if your meat was frozen, we recommend not to re-freeze it. However, basically nothing speaks against refreezing, especially if the food has to be heated up before consumption. The nutrient and vitamin content may suffer slightly, but refreezing is more hygienic than storing it in the refrigerator at temperatures above 0° C

          Our own tests also show that you can assume that the great taste of the meat will not be affected by refreezing. Wild game meat is of such high quality that the theoretical reduction in quality is practically unnoticed.

          If you want to cook the meat after its been frozen, it is best to remove it from the freezer 1-2 days in advance and place it in the refrigerator. 

          In the unlikely event that you have forgotten to take your meat out of the freezer, you can defrost it more quickly in water. Check whether the packaging is still properly vacuumed. If this is the case, you can place the meat, packaging and all, in a container of cold water. This way, a the meat thaws faster. If the packaging is no longer vacuumed, then you can NOT use this method.

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          Maggie M.

          Wonderful in a cream sauce with mushrooms and lingonberry jam. Loved it.

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