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A wonderful cookbook entirely dedicated to sauces

By Tommy Myllymäki
Publisher: Natur & Kultur

The sauce is probably the most important accompaniment to your game meat and Sauces by Tommy Myllymäki is the best sauce cookbook we have been able to find. In the book you will find, for example, viltgräddsås, viltsky med åtta kryddor and recipe på viltfond, all of which are directly adapted to the wild kitchen.

Tommy Myllymäki is one of Sweden's most renowned chefs and one of his absolute strengths as a chef is his sauce knowledge. Classic, modern, cold, hot, rich, sour - always really good sauces. Sauces contains recipes and technique tips for every type of sauce you might need to eat and cook great food at home. From white and red wine sauce, pepper sauce, port wine sauce and béarnaise sauce to cold sauces, vinaigrettes, salsas and dessert sauces. All made the way Tommy thinks they are best.

"The trick to making a really good red wine sauce is to fry the onion properly so that it becomes sweet and tasty. Not burnt, but nicely browned. Then I usually add some beetroot for a nice colour. And some smoked rind for flavour. Finish by reducing it down properly."

Tommy Myllymäki regularly appears on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon and Mitt kök. He won Chef of the Year in 2007 and took silver in the Bocuse d'Or in 2010. He has started a number of restaurants and is involved in at least as many more, most recently his own restaurant Sjön in Jönköping. In 2012, Tommy won the cooking programme Kockarnas kamp - mainly thanks to his sauce skills.

"A goldmine for all ambitious cooks."

"A brilliant introduction to the art of sowing."

"A book that will help you reach new culinary heights in the kitchen!"
Andreas Grube, Vin & Bar Journalen

"A perfect helper in the kitchen, or a certainly appreciated gift to give to anyone interested in cooking."
Ann-Christin Antonsson, Tranås-Posten

"It was a brilliant choice by Tommy Myllymäki to make "Sauces" his first cookery book. Read it as a recipe book or a sauce encyclopaedia. Great fun for anyone who wants to nerd out on how to make a beurre blanc or whip up a bearnaise."
Stina Cederholm, Svenska Dagbladet

"...the fact is that this could be the most invaluable cookbook you will ever own."
Johan Engman, Sundsvalls tidning

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Ann W. (Nässjö, SE)


Helen T. (Stockholm, SE)
Sauces and game book

Superfine, fast delivery

Märit R. (Uppsala, SE)


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Johan (Stockholm, SE)

Great! Easy to follow, good recipe and yes, a must for game meat. Short, great!

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