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"With a flavour of smoke and ash" - the Barbecue Salt from Kocken and Grisen (formerly Totties Mat) is a very exciting and original product that is perfect if you want to quickly add some barbecue flavour to your game meat.

The barbecue salt is made by adding burnt leek to the salt and then smoking it with alder shavings. We have seen similar products referred to as "Viking salt" on the continent and that name may not be a coincidence as this is produced in Roslagen, one of Sweden's most rune-stone dense areas.

The barbecue salt is just like Grymt God Marinad and BBQ sauce for game meat produced by Kocken och Grisen from Roslagen and is sold in a very limited edition.

Kocken och Grisen is run by Daniel Tottie and Marcus Backman, who have long experience as chefs at some of Stockholm's finest restaurants. For a few years now, they have been running Kocken och Grisen full-time, specialising in food experiences and food crafts from Roslagen. Their sauces, spices and venison sausages are all fantastic and we are very proud to be able to provide them in our webshop.

Ingredients: Wood shavings smoked sea salt, burnt leek.

Each jar contains 70 grams of barbecue salt.

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          Catrine W.F. (Västerås, SE)
          Good and fast service

          Very satisfied! There was a problem with the home delivery but Swedish Wild organised a new one in no time.

          Jan B. (Stockholm, SE)
          Top notch

          Great goods that really come in handy.

          Nils L. (Northwich, GB)
          Perfect for fish

          Perfect for my grilled sea bass

          Martin E. (Ystad, SE)

          Barbecue salt by Chef and Pig

          Janne (Lindesberg, SE)
          Barbecue salt by the Chef and the Pig

          Spontaneous purchase that surprised positively

          High quality game meat

          Our concept is to offer the best game meat available, directly to you, the end customer. We make sure you can buy the cuts that are otherwise only sold to wholesalers and fine restaurants.

          100% natural

          We would argue that there is no meat in the world that is as gentle on animals, requires so little of the earth's resources to produce, and has such a low carbon footprint as Swedish game meat.

          A healthy alternative

          Game meat is naturally lean and nutritious because the animals live a free range life and graze naturally. This makes for a cleaner and healthier meat choice.