Mushroom sauce spice - mushroom sauce for game meat

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This is our own favourite among our sauce mixes. It is very easy to prepare and makes a great sauce for your game meat.

Simply stir 2 tsp of spice into 2-3 dl of cream, bring to the boil and simmer on low heat for 10-20 minutes. Finally, top with 1-2 tsp of cornflour and an equal amount of water if you want to thicken the sauce. If you want a less creamy sauce, replace some of the cream with water.

Ingredients: Oyster mushrooms, black pepper, garlic, marjoram, salt.
Each jar contains 80 ml of spices and mushrooms.

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          Customer Reviews

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          karin u. (Hovås, SE)
          Enhancing flavour.

          The mushroom sauce had a richer flavour.

          Bengt E. (Sundborn, SE)

          Mushroom sauce seasoning - mushroom sauce for game meat

          Anonymous (Stockholm, SE) (Stockholm, SE)
          Good but too little flavour

          The kids liked the sauce but as an adult (31 years) with slightly older taste buds, I would have liked there to be more flavour in the sauce. Had in more of the spice than you should but eventually the salt in the spice put an end to it.
          It stood and pulled for a good while but still did not get as much flavour as I would have liked.
          But the little flavour I felt I thought was very good!
          You can use the spice as a base and then maybe spice it up with some other spices / mushroom broth :)

          Would still buy it again for the sake of the children. One of them scraped out of the saucepan with a lollipop and ate like batter😅
          Better ratings than that are probably hard to get😅

          Caritha B. (Tumba, SE)
          Mushroom sauce seasoning Swedish Wild

          Great spice mix that goes well with many things and in a small cute glass jar. Can highly recommend, disappearingly good!

          Royne E.
          Mushroom sauce seasoning

          Gave a lot of flavour mums

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