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Wild duck includes several different ducks but the most common is the Mallard. The meat of this fine bird has a lot of flavor with some elements of game. The wild duck is not very large and the wild duck breasts are 50 - 125 g. Each package contains 3-5 wild duck breasts. The wild duck is very low in fat compared to the domesticated duck and has a very good and slightly wild taste that differs from the domesticated bird.

To prepare wild duck breast fillets: Rub the fillets with salt and pepper. Then brown on high heat for a nice surface. Bake in the oven at 175 degrees. When the wild duck breast is cooked, the fine meat should have a tender texture, please use a skewer. The internal temperature should be 53-54 degrees .

In addition to frying it, it is excellent to use the poultry meat for slow cooking. Many people also enjoy smoking it.

Inspiration and recipe for a lovely wild duck dinner can be found here: Wild duck fillet with potato puree, red wine sauce and delicious accessories - Swedish Wild

The availability of a delicacy such as wild duck breast is quite limited and we are therefore very happy to be able to offer our customers this excellent game product.

The wild duck breast is sent vacuum packed and frozen.

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Customer Reviews

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Inger C. (Stockholm, SE)
Great meat!

Always good with game meat and from animals that live in freedom!

Regina R. (Stockholm, SE)

The delivery was 1 day late. In addition, the box was delivered 2 hours later than the estimated time. The meat arrived already thawed.

Mattias J. (Enköping, SE)

It was a success on the dinner table, fantastic quality and easy to buy meat from you!

Jan S. (Hudiksvall, SE)
New Year's candy 2023

I am happy...fantastic fine wild duck meat from you! Ran it directly in your bag
For 3 hours to 57 ° and marinated it afterwards in thyme, soya, oil and spices.
Fried them for a few minutes in butter and cut up and served with Jerusalem artichoke mousse, potato pastry in puff pastry ring and apple compote with chilli, it was a fantastic meal with your fine meat.

Petter S. (Stockholm, SE)
Wild duck

Very good, but the company that was supposed to deliver apparently had problems so we got the breasts on a Saturday after 19 instead of Thursday em, so our dinner that we were going to offer was another. But it was an expensive and nice Sunday dinner with the family instead with some withered accessories.

High quality game meat

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We would argue that there is no meat in the world that is as gentle on animals, requires so little of the earth's resources to produce, and has such a low carbon footprint as Swedish game meat.

A healthy alternative

Game meat is naturally lean and nutritious because the animals live a free range life and graze naturally. This makes for a cleaner and healthier meat choice.