Buy smoked and dried game meat

Smoked and dried game meat is delicious. It's great for everything from the Christmas table, pre-dinner drinks and around the campfire. We believe that much of the best smoked and dried game meat comes from Norrland, especially from reindeer and moose. Some delicacies that we definitely don't want you to miss out on are suovas, smoked reindeer bow and dried reindeer meat.

Suovas - traditional smoked reindeer meat

You can't talk about smoked reindeer meat without first mentioning suovas. Suovas, Sami for "smoked", are various forms of lightly smoked reindeer meat, first salted and then cold-smoked in a hut.

In our own humble opinion, suovas is the best smoked meat in the world. Here you can find our suova's smoked reindeer meat.

Gurpi - reindeer minced meat wrapped in netted fat and cold-smoked in a cabin

Gurpi is a traditional Sámi delicacy consisting of ground reindeer meat mixed with reindeer fat, wrapped in reindeer net fat and finally cold-smoked in a hut.

It is best cooked simply in a pan or on a skewer over a fire. Cut Gurpin into 1 cm thick slices and fry it on each side for about 1 minute in a pan with butter or (preferably) reindeer fat. Serve with potatoes, mushrooms and lingonberries, for example. The book Smak på Sápmi has two good recipes for Gurpi.

Other smoked reindeer meat

Reindeer meat is very suitable for smoking. One of our own absolute favourites is smoked reindeer shoulder. It is perfect both for a larger dinner table, such as at Christmas and Easter, and for, for example, the pre-drink or wickedness at the New Year's party.

Smoked moose meat

Moose meat is also very suitable for smoking and has perhaps the strongest game flavour of all smoked game meat. We currently offer two different types of smoked moose meat: Smoked moose heart and moose pastrami. The smoked moose heart is actually somewhat comparable to dried reindeer meat and is suitable for the same occasions. Moose pastrami is very good to slice and eat directly as it is. It was very popular on many of our customers' Christmas tables (including our own).

Dried reindeer meat

Dried reindeer meat is very good for a pre-drink or to take out into the forest on an excursion.

The meat comes in two varieties: Lightly smoked and unsmoked. The difference is how the meat has been treated before drying. It is said that the unsmoked dried reindeer meat has a slightly stronger flavour than the smoked one. However, both varieties are incredibly tasty and you can't go wrong with which one you choose. Here, you can find dried reindeer meat on sale.

Recipes with smoked and dried game meat

There are a lot of great recipes that include smoked and dried game meat and they really enhance the dish they are included in. Both the cookbooks Smak på Sápmi and Kocken och jägaren contain a number of exciting and delicious recipes.