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Grandma's moose stew with blue cheese - also excellent with bear meat.

This is my grandmother Asta's old recipe for moose stew with blue cheese. Grandma grew up on a vicarage outside Härn...

Classic game meat recipes

Here you will find several classic recipes for game meat, such as different varieties of reindeer caviar, pork knuckl...

Recipe for Biff Rydberg on game meat

This is a classic Biff Rydberg, but better - with game meat. The recipe comes from Kjell Nymark. Classics should not be changed, but replacing the classic beef fillet with a venison fillet only enhances this dish.... The dish comes from 19th century Stockholm and Hotel Rydberg. It was often enjoyed by society with schnapps and pilsner..

Recipe for a moose burger

Thistle dumplings are an ingenious way to prepare a larger piece of meat. The method was invented by the Sami who used to store their best cuts of meat by burying them in the snow. Then, when they wanted to cook their jerky, they would dig a new hole in the snow, fill it with stones and then build a fire on the stones. Then they would wrap the meat, put it on the fire and cover it with earth and let it cook slowly, usually overnight. Finally, they bathed the meat in a hot marinade and let it cool completely before eating it in very thin slices. The end result was an incredible piece of meat, quite heavy, slightly salted and delicately flavoured.

Moose burger recipe

Moose burgers are the ultimate hamburger for the grill. Compared to regular beef, moose meat has a much richer flavour and is perfect for young and old alike..
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